• Occasional Seating

    The options are endless when pairing found furniture and antique and vintage rugs or fabric. The outcome is one of a kind luxury for our discerning clients.

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  • Bench 1

    View our exquisitely crafted bench, combining timeless design, exceptional comfort, and versatility for a stunning focal point in any space.

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    Indulge in luxurious relaxation with our meticulously designed ottoman, offering a perfect blend of style and functionality to elevate your living space.

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"People like us choose things like this."

We invite you to explore our handcrafted, heirloom furniture at Uncommon Seat; where history
meets modern functionality. Each piece that we offer is Made in Texas, incorporating the timeless
beauty of vintage handmade rugs as the cornerstone in many of the designs. Our one-of-a-kind
pieces not only bring an element of charm and sophistication to your living space, but they also
represent an eco-friendly choice, as we repurpose vintage rugs that would otherwise end up in
landfills. From the handcrafted tube steel legs, planed solid wood bodies, curated professionally
cleaned rugs, and luxurious upholstery fabrics- we ensure that every piece of seating is of
exceptional quality. When you choose a piece from Uncommon Seat, you are choosing a design
“center of attention” point for your home. When you make an investment in your space by choosing a
piece from Uncommon Seat, rest assured your friends will never have the same one.



Step into a world of timeless beauty with our Vintage Collection. Each expertly crafted bench and ottoman feature curated vintage or antique handmade rugs, carefully repurposed into a one of a kind piece of art. An intriguing slice of history combined with stunning design creates a welcome change from the ordinary.




Indulge in enchanting elegance with our Designer Collection. These handcrafted benches and ottomans feature sublime upholstery fabrics sourced from unconventional places. Our designs can be a bit modern and a bit playful. Whichever you style, your space will be anchored by a center piece that beckons you to stay a while.


Our Story


Thank you for finding us and sharing part of your day here.
Within our pages you will find all sorts of products for intentional living. My
hope is that you will be lifted up, inspired to create your own sanctuary, and
in turn be a catalyst of change to help and give to others in any way you
can. I believe we are here to help each other through this life.

Parts of this venture have been with me for decades since I was
a child. Being raised in Oklahoma by antique dealer grandparents, I have taken
part in hundreds of auctions, European markets, estate sales, flea markets and
the like. Keeping furniture out of landfills is not new, and that type of
decorating is one of the most effective steps toward sustainable living.

Our family has a passion for clean, holistic, and eco-friendly
products and we have been making those changes for over 20 years. We love
celebrations, holidays, and any chance to be together to enjoy a great meal. My
other happy place is outside (not summer in Texas). 😊
I believe being in nature is critical to our mental health, and that we find
our spiritual connections among the trees and next to water. My children’s
father and I started a landscape company 25 years ago, and I have been a
designer in that field ever since. Flowers, trees, outdoor rooms, gardens, the
sounds of water- they all play a part in a serene surrounding that our souls

This culmination project is now my passion and the name
comes from the honoring of my children. Sometimes we are thrust into situations
we are not ready for, and I now know for certain we are not promised tomorrow. There
may be no tomorrow. Here I honor my beautiful daughter who transitioned into
heaven much too soon this past March 2023- and I honor my son who was with her
when it happened, and now he lives without his sister. He is my hero. He is
strong and precious at the same time. They both wore/wear number 7 on the
soccer field, and a large amount of the product/service offerings will be
things they love. They love food and have adventurous palettes, cherish holidays,
love family time, their pets, plants, art, clothes, decorating, and holistic self-care
products. We all love giving gifts to others.

You will also find items here to help those who grieve. When
people are grieving, every bit of thoughtfulness and practical help matters.
During these past months, thoughtful people have served us and loved us through
their acts of kindness and compassion. It still means everything to us- our
lives are changed forever and the grieving road is long.

We want you to see our love for humankind when we bring
local services as well as artisan, historic, organic, sustainable, and handmade
items to this online market. Welcome to Seven’s Place.