Introducing our Vintage Collection - a unique blend of history and artistry. Each handcrafted bench and ottoman in this original collection showcases the timeless beauty of curated vintage and antique handmade rugs. These exquisite pieces feature rugs that may have had small damages on the corners, making them overlooked as floor coverings, but perfect for repurposing into stunning home seating. With over 30 years of collecting experience, our love for vintage rugs runs deep. We take great pleasure in rescuing these found treasures and giving them a new life.

Every rug has a story and is sourced from individual collectors, trusted partners overseas, auctions, or exclusive estate sales. Carefully cleaned and transformed, our vintage rugs become the focal point of a one-of-a-kind statement piece.

The furniture in this collection will also feature blacksmith fabricated tube steel legs and are substantial in presence and weight. The legs are the foundational beauty that anchor each item and they are made for each other. These components are a fusion of beauty and function. Unexpected, divine, stunning.