Collection: UNCOMMON SEAT- Handcrafted Seating Made in Texas

When we choose fabric for our furniture, we are purposely hunting things other people do not have. Some of the places we have located fabric are interesting to say the least. Our goal is to stand out, not fit in. Whether it’s bold, modern, or a bit romantic, our efforts to find the unusual patterns and textures payoff with a finished piece of original heirloom art.

Benches, chairs, and ottomans from this collection undergo the same design process as the Vintage collection, but do not showcase rugs. It is here that you will find models that utilize antique wood legs, modern metal legs, and even contemporary acrylic ones if the fabric calls for it.

The DESIGNER collection is rare beauty combined with expert craftsmanship. These features result in seating that provides a sense of nuanced glamour and upscale practicality for people who love being impractical.