The Design Process

We begin by choosing high quality wood and skillfully building the robust solid wood frames. We then add the perfect rug or fabric, using the best parts of the design to fit the frame, and then finish with blacksmith hand-forged tube steel legs, modern metal legs, or even antique wood legs if the fabric calls for it. Our finished pieces are substantial, and some are heavy depending on the size. They anchor an empty room and demand attention. Whether used as a designer footrest in yourfamily room, an unconventional coffee table in the living room, or a completely unexpected seat at the dinner table- our artisan pieces are versatile and stunning. Luxurious, sustainable, uncommon.

Uncommon Seat pays respectful homage to the past with a stylish eye toward the future. We understand how modern families live, and joyfully repurpose that history into something practical and extravagant. Our pieces represent a fusion of sustainability, design, and craftmanship. Browse our pages and imagine a piece of heirloom furniture that sparks conversation and truly stands out from the common.

Welcome to Uncommon Seat.